Thursday, 31 July 2014

Travel Luton Business Grant Scheme

Instalec have just received a grant of £3000 from the Luton Borough Council – Travel Luton Workplace Scheme for the installation of a shower unit for staff members that cycle to work. Keen cyclist Peter Green our Contracts Manager cycles several days a week from his home in Letchworth and Director – Jamie Swan is in training for the next London/Brighton run. They have found the facility very useful. Director Paul Jones has now removed the stabilisers from his bike and can be spotted early morning pushing his machine up the hills and slight inclines around Luton gasping for breath.
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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

LED Lighting - A Bright Future

There are many benefits to using LED lighting as opposed to any other form of artificial lighting.
Ensuring that 80% or more of the lighting used in your house is LED than you can make some serious savings and also ensure you house is staying GREEN at the same time.So what are you waiting for?
You can use LED lighting in just about anywhere - in your house, office or apartment.
Whatever your reasons are - reducing your energy output and reducing your carbon footprint in the process or just saving your overall energy costs there is always a benefit of using LED.
If you want to keep up with the latest technology trends - LED is the new black in the lighting world. LED technology has taken the world by storm and is the latest and most efficient source of low energy lighting - everyone's talking about it!
LED stands for (Light Emitting Diode) but how does this type of lighting really differentiate from regular lighting? And how can it help you save costs?
Here is the scientific bit: the real difference between the LED bulbs and traditional bulbs is that your standard filament lights - visible light arises as a by-product of the warming of a metal helix, a gas discharge or by the conversion of a proportion of the ultraviolet radiation produced in such a discharge. In LED lighting systems the production of light takes place in a semi-conductor crystal, which is electrically charged to illuminate.
On the other hand the main advantage of LED lighting installation is that they use significantly less energy than regular incandescent bulbs and have a much longer user life. In fact on average each bulb will last up 50,0000 hours: this means if you switch on only for a few hours each night then they can last for 30 years or even more.

LED also contributes to the reduction of global CO2 emissions and lower your home's or business's carbon footprint. The long life of LEDs means they are replaced less often, which helps reduce landfill as a result. This makes LED a truly green solution.
It can take some time to update your home and change all of your appliances and light fittings with LEDs, but it is sure worth it in the long term.
The tricks to getting LEDs to work as efficient, bright lighting devices are:

Making sure the photons escape. As the photon is emitted, it may get absorbed by another electron which would use the energy to "jump" up to a higher energy state.
Getting the right kind of light. Depending on the materials involved and the "gap" between the energy states the electrons move between, the light will be of different wavelengths. Different wavelengths result in different colours of light.
Concentrating the light. The light can go in any direction as it leaves the "diode", so additional components in the "bulb" need to direct and focus the light into a usable beam.

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By Instalec Electrical Contractors and Engineers
Instalec's Luton electricians will help you pick the most suitable LED lights for your home providing fantastic range of colours, styles and performance.
Outdoor LED lighting can also make great addition to your patio, decking or pathway, adding a splash of colour to your premise.
Still not sure that LEDs are the future of lighting? Have a look at our installation and maintenance service pages.
Our Luton electrician team know that, though the initial expense for LED lighting sometimes seems greater than that of traditional light bulbs, the pay back is so great that LEDs really will save you money in the long run.
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Solar Panels - Home Installation: Is It Worth It?

Energy prices are always on the up and at the moment interest rates are going down in the opposite direction.  However there are other choices which you can make to reduce these energy prices and stay green at the same time. You can use natural energy and thus reduce your carbon footprint. Another bonus is installing solar panels will also increase the resell value of your house.

Solar energy is not new technology and has been around for a long time. However the best time to switch is now. It used to be thought that solar panel installation was not worth it as it can take as long as 100 years to get the capital back from the cost of installation. However, recent government approaches to natural and alternative sources of energy have changed and the payback time can be as little as just seven years.
Instalec are a solar panel installer. They are based in Luton Bedfordshire and provide a calculator which allows you to check how much you could save or even make each year based on your current energy consumption and the payback time. You will earn every KWH of electricity you produce and you will be saving on your bills as you will be using your own energy. The money you will earn and save this way is tax free. Here are some numbers using the calculator which will give an idea about the solar PV installation.
Based on a a pair of.35KW PV put in:

Your earning each year £1155.74

Energy generated annually 2017KW
Energy you may use annually 2017KW
Feed in tariff earning 2017 kilowatt X forty three.3p = £873.36
Save on bills 2017 kilowatt X 14p = £282.38
Total savings each year is £1155.74
Typical price of putting in a pair of.35 kilowatt solar array is £9550

Payback time is eight.26 years

This financial gain is secure for twenty five years. Therefore in twenty five years your total earning are around £28893.
* Figures supported roof facing south with thirty degrees and no shadow.

As mentioned before, the government can pay on your generated energy for twenty five years. By that point you will have invested money into your bank and are contributing to sustainable energy.
As you can see solar panel installation can be worthwhile. There is no shortage of solar energy from our sun and it is still the most sustainable and particle source of renewable energy for powering your homes at the current moment.

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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

3 major signs of electrical faults

This article will explain the major signs of an electrical fault within your home, office or any other premise with an electrical outlet.
It doesn’t matter how old your house is or how good it looks from the outside electrical faults may still prevent themselves. However electrical problems may show problems before they become serious and end up costing you a fortune.
Knowing what these signs can help you to prevent an extremely dangerous hazard that may occur to your family or cause damage to your property.
Some of these problems may be in your control, but other problems may need professional diagnosis and repair.

Electric Shocks

If you feel an electrical shock whenever you go to pick up an electrical appliance then you can be sure that there is an electrical problem. It maybe there is something wrong with the grounding or something much more serious. This is not a problem to ignore. If you find that the appliance is not grounded properly that may be the issue solved however if this is not the case then an electrician or electrical contractor should be called for.

Wall outlets

Loose sockets hanging out of the wall just scream danger. There is no excuse for not fixing these hazards and should be dealt with by a professional electrical contractor or someone how has electrical maintenance experience. However there are other issues that may not be obvious to the human eye. Loose contacts hidden in your switches outlets are another cause for concern. They should be seen to straight away and by a professional.

Appliances not working?

If you have an appliance that isn’t working, first check that the wall outlet is working. You will need to check the circuit breaker. If none of the breakers are tripped and it is only that outlet that isn’t working then the outlet could have possibly burned out. If the socket or your electrical outlet shows any sign of blackening around the plug, then please do not use it at all!
You must get the outlet replaced as soon as possible to prevent and injuries and the risk of a fire breaking out. If you have no electrical experience is sure to all out an authorised electrician.

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If you have practice with any electrical faults or experienced one of the three faults above in your house, office or even your backyard shed then contact an electrical engineer or contractor straight away. Instalec electricians are a professional and a trusted electrician force. Call now on 01582 402455 or head to